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The Shaw Shooting curriculum teaches our students how to simply shoot faster, to be more accurate, and to utilize the manipulation of their weapons in the most efficient manner possible.

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2 Day Pistol/Rifle Course

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Required Student Skill Level:

The ‘2-Day Pistol/Carbine Course’ is only available to those clients who have previously taken both our ‘Level 2 Pistol Course’ and our ‘Level 1 AR 15 Fundamentals Rifle Course’.  Additionally, the Shaw Shooting cadre can grant permission to enroll into this course. 

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Class Information:

Students will be taught weapons handling to gain fluid transitions between pistol to rifle and rifle to pistol.  6 drills of “Operator Standards” are taught to each student, with each drill having a required hit under an allotted time limit. 

The second day will involve a review of the 6 drills on short paper ranges followed by steel target shooting on multiple pistol/rifle ranges.  The drills from the first day will be used on steel ranges on the second day engraining technique into your pistol/rifle shooting.  All shooters will be tested on the 6 “Operator Standard” drills at the end class. 

End of Class Objective:

This class will give you fluid weapon handling skills to efficiently transition between rifle to pistol and pistol back to rifle. 

Cost, Time, and Location:

The course fee is $350, not including ammunition or lodging. (See ‘Lodging’ above) 

We require a half deposit of each students course fee ASAP.  We will give each client a 30-day grace period before the start of the class if a client would like to cancel his/her spot.  The deposit is non-refundable if the client cancels within 30 days of the class.  Mail a check, cash, or money order deposit to Shaw Shooting at 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID 83332.  We can also receive a payment over the phone via credit card.  208-481-0085  

The class will start at the Shaw Shooting Pro Shop at 9:00am, will end at 4:00pm, and there will be a 1 hour lunch break around 12:00pm-1:00pm both days.  Please bring your own lunch or you can go into Hagerman. 

The address to the Pro Shop is 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID 83332. (See ‘Ranges’ above)

What to Bring:

Please bring a rifle, rifle sling, 2 - 3 magazines, mag pouches, belt, pistol, 2 - 3 pistol magazines, magazine pouches, ear protection, and eye protection.

Students need to bring a minimum of 500-600 pistol rounds and 500-600 rifle rounds for the course.  ½ of the rifle ammo can be .223 ball for the paper portion of the course and the other ½ MUST be .223 frangible for the steel portion of the course.  We offer both types of ammo at our pro-shop.

We have a pro-shop at the Shaw Shooting range if equipment and ammunition is needed.  Additionally, if you forget or are unable to acquire some of the required equipment, such as belts, magazine pouches, etc., we can rent equipment out for $10.00 per day.  Firearm rentals are $25.00 per day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email admin at


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Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit