Shaw Shooting

Welcome to Shaw Shooting

The Shaw Shooting curriculum teaches our students how to simply shoot faster, to be more accurate, and to utilize the manipulation of their weapons in the most efficient manner possible.

Private civilian / public course schedule

2018 Season: Open March - October

Private Courses: Please find an open date Monday - Saturday in the calendar below.  To schedule a course, email:  Click 'courses' on the above header for more information.   

Public Courses: Shaw Shooting is a private range that offers training courses available to the public on Saturdays ONLY.  To attend a course, find a class in the calendar below and sign-up at your convenience. Below the calendar is the complete 2018 public course schedule.   

Fundraiser: We can donate private classes to your fundraising event. 

Shaw Shooting Gift Certificate: Gift certificates are available for friends and family. 

2018 Public Course Dates