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Tombstone Range Speed Shooting
Speed Shooting with Houston Shaw of Shaw Shooting |

Shaw Shooting / SOFREP Vid Shaw Shooting / SOFREP Vid The SOFREP team travels to Shaw Shooting, home to Championship Shooter Houston Shaw, for several... Shaw Shooting 2017 Shaw Shooting 2017 A look into the training at the Shaw Shooting School! Carbine Bolt Lock Reload and Shoot | Shaw Shooting Carbine Bolt Lock Reload and... Carbine Bolt Lock Reload and Shoot with Houston Shaw #getwestern | Pump Shotgun .25 Split | Shaw Shooting Pump Shotgun .25 Split | Shaw... Houston Shaw shooting an out of the box Browning 12 gauge Invector pump shotgun with a quarter... NEW Sig Sauer 320 Striker fire Pistol | Shaw Shooting NEW Sig Sauer 320 Striker... Check out the NEW Sig Sauer 320 striker fire pistol in 9mm. Houston is using the pistols recoil to... Pistol Aerial Shots: 5 Apples | Shaw Shooting Pistol Aerial Shots: 5 Apples... Watch as Houston shoots 5 consecutive apples out of the air with a 9mm #getwestern |... Pistol Aerial Shot: Houston Shoots 1 Cherry Tomato | Shaw Shooting Pistol Aerial Shot: Houston... Watch as Houston tosses up 1 cherry tomato...shoots it and catches it. #getwestern |... Draw…Shoot 1, Reload….Shoot 1 with Shaw Shooting Draw…Shoot 1, Reload….Shoot 1... Total time with hands above shoulders is 1.85 which is broken down by a .83 draw to the first shot... 3 Slide Lock Pistol Reloads on the Mover at Shaw Shooting! 3 Slide Lock Pistol Reloads... Houston Shaw draws, shoots and reloads 3x's inside the engagement area of the mover!
18 Hits on Mover 18 Hits on Mover Speed Shooting with Houston Shaw at the Shaw Shooting range. He draws and gets 18 hits on the... Tombstone Range Speed Shooting Tombstone Range Speed Shooting Speed Shooting with Houston Shaw of Shaw Shooting | Mossberg & Sons Catalog Shoot Featuring Shaw Shooting Mossberg & Sons Catalog Shoot... Epic video montage from O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. 2015 catalog featuring footage from some... Hagerman Wings Farm .410 hunt Hagerman Wings Farm .410 hunt The Shaw Shooting range is located on 5 acres leased by Hagerman Wings Farm. Check this video out... HWF Membership DVD 2012 HWF Membership DVD 2012 A look at what makes Hagerman Wings Farm one of the best duck clubs in the world.