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5-Day Military / Law Enforcement

LE/Military Classes:

See all availabilities here: Shaw Shooting Schedule  Any gap of time that is not filled, I am free to schedule classes.

Shooting Class:
$989 per 5 Days per Student (9:00am-4:00pm break for lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm)
A minimum of 5 guys and a maximum of 18 guys.


Check out the available options on our Lodging Page located here: Lodging 

5-Day Course Curriculum

Pistol 1st Day:
We start the class off with all the clients shooting live
fire drills for me to get a bearing on everyone’s ability levels and to
see their strengths and weaknesses.  I like to record a half a dozen
to a dozen drills with everyone right away so everyone can record improvements in those same drills at the end of training.  After the drills, I'll start my class from the ground up.  I like to start out on short-distance paper target ranges at around 7 yards to ensure accuracy and correct fundamentals. The entire first day will be focused on safety, trigger control, slack out, reset, prepping trigger, trigger press, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, single action, double action, grip pressure, stance, controlled recoil, management recoil, work space, and high ready position.  When all the these areas are covered in detail, we'll start shooting groups and work on recoil and the different ways to manipulate recoil while prepping a trigger the correct way.

Pistol 2nd Day:
The second day will use the range facilities to ingrain the
instruction from the 1st day as well as cover the draw and reloads(combat and tactical). 
We'll get off paper and primarily be on steel ranges this day.  I'll be closely watching the guys technique to insure proper form learned from the 1st day.   

Pistol/Carbine 3rd Day:
I've got 8 operator standards for the carbine combined with the pistol that we'll cover on this day.
The 8 operator standards are what are taught at Mid-South and are drills for rifle/pistol manipulation.   We'll test all these standards first and then drill each one individually.  This will take up all of the 3rd day. 

Pistol/Carbine 4th Day:
We'll brush up on each operator standards drill and then work on the same standards at distance shooting steel silhouettes at 50 yards.  Once these are drilled on steel, we'll work on multiple shots fired on the same target as well as on multiple targets teaching correct recoil management with the rifle.  The guys will then bounce around the rifle ranges performing various drills that incorporate the operator standards.   

Pistol/Carbine 5th Day:
We'll do a quick brush up on all the operator standards followed by steel shooting on various ranges.  I'll cover front site only techniques with the pistol as well as moving and shooting with both rifle and pistol.  We'll re-test all the operator standards from the 3rd day and re-test all the pistol drills from the 1st day. 

Round Count:
The 1st day each shooter will need around 100 rifle and 600 pistol
The 2nd day each shooter will need around 700 pistol
The 3rd day each shooter will need around 550 rifle and 150 pistol
The 4th day each shooter will need around  700 rifle and 250 pistol
The 5th day each shooter will need around 650 rifle and 300 pistol

Each shooter needs around 2,000 pistol and 2,000 rifle.

The ammo costs:
$260 per 1,000 rounds of 9mm
$350 per 1,000 rounds of .223

I would like all students to bring a pistol and a rifle with at least 3 magazines for each weapon,
3 magazine pouches for each weapon, holster, shooter's belt, ear protection, and eye protection. Everyone will also need a rifle sling.

Emergency Medical Plan:
Shaw Shooting is a designated landing zone for Saint Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center's life flight out of Twin Falls, ID.  Saint Luke's in Twin Falls is approximately 30 miles from the Shaw Shooting range.  The helicopter takes off and lands directly outside of the ER.