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Idaho Enhanced Firearms Portion at Shaw Shooting Range 12/16

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9am – 3pm


THESE CLASSES ARE TYPICALLY FULL.  Please see ‘1 Day Fundamentals Pistol Course’ or ‘Private ½ or 1 Day Pistol Course’ under “Courses” to enroll into a more personal learning experience. (Recommended)

Please include your total party size for the class if you are bringing more people under “party size” as we have a maximum of 28 students per class.

Required Student Skill Level:

This class is for the first time shooter through the advanced marksman looking to obtain the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit.

Class Information:

The class will be focused on detailed fundamentals which include SAFETY, work space, sight alignment, high ready presentations, stance, grip, slack out method, trigger press, trigger reset, trigger prep, single action, double action, grip pressure, loading, controlled recoil, and recoil management.

After the students can demonstrate proper and safe gun handling fundamentals, the live fire portion will begin with shooting close-range paper targets to ensure accurate bullet impact awareness and correct shooting fundamentals.

End of Class Objective:

The best shooters in the world use a common base of fundamentals to achieve speed and accuracy.  This class will give you a glimpse of understanding what the correct techniques are to pistol shooting that will build speed and accuracy for any level of shooter.

Cost, Time, and Location:

The cost is $65.00 at the Shaw Shooting range in Hagerman (just for the “firearms portion”), you can pay at the class with credit card, cash, or check made payable to “Shaw Shooting”.

We’ll be working directly with Legal Heat for clients to obtain the legal portion of this permit.  They have classes in Twin Falls, Burley, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Blackfoot. Please go to to get into one of their classes today.

The firearm class typically will go from 9:00am to 3:00pm but some certain classes may vary.  Please check the specific time for the class you are enrolled. NO LUNCH IS PROVIDED

We’ll meet in Hagerman at the Snake River Grill at the time which is specific to the class that you enrolled, gather the group, and from there we will go to the Shaw Shooting range. The Snake River Grill is off Main St. on the south west corner of town, across from the Shell gas station.

What to Bring:

*Please go out and test your firearm to make sure it properly functions before you come to the class.

*** Make sure to bring your “Training Certificate” if you have already obtained one from Legal Heat, so we can sign off the “firearms portion”. If you have not yet received a certificate, we will provide you with one after the completion of this class.

We would like all students to bring an auto or revolver pistol. (NO 357’s unless you have 38-special ammunition, and NO 44 magnums) In addition to your pistol; bring at least 1 magazine, magazine pouch (pant pockets are fine), belt, holster that is secure to your belt/securely fits the firearm (no cross draw holsters), ear protection, and eye protection.

Students need to bring enough ammunition to shoot 98 rounds.

We have a pro-shop at the Shaw Shooting range if equipment and ammunition is needed.  Additionally, if you forget or are unable to acquire some of the required equipment, such as holsters, magazine pouches, etc., we can rent equipment out for $10.00.  Firearm rentals are $25.00.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email admin at

Class Size: 28
People Enrolled:
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