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Class Schedule

2 Day Defensive Pistol And Tactics Course 9/16-9/17

Back to Calendar > Saturday, September 16 @09:00am - Sunday, September 17 @04:00pm


Please include your total party size for the class if you are bringing more people under “party size” as we have a maximum of 10 students per class.

Required Student Skill Level:

This class is for the first time shooter through the advanced marksman looking to obtain a higher level of pistol shooting technique to gain speed and accuracy while under the pressures of true to life scenarios.

Class Information:

The Shaw Shooting School and The Forward Movement Training Center are teaming up for a ‘2-Day Defensive Pistol and Tactics Course’. The live fire weapons handling course is at The Shaw Shooting School and the close quarters, true to life, defensive scenario training is at The Forward Movement Training Center in Boise. 

Shaw Shooting will provide multiple instructors for this course to ensure that all students are pushed above their skill levels.  We’ll make you shoot faster and more accurate than ever before by fixing bad habits and improving on your strengths. 

The Forward Movement Training Center of Boise is designed to give participants the ultimate tactical training experience. They utilize true to life defensive scenarios in banks, homes, and outdoor settings while arming good guys and bad guys with simunition firearms.   

An Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit Certificate can be given to all clients at the conclusion of the class.

End of Class Objective:

The course will teach proper pistol handling with an emphasis on speed and accuracy in true to life defensive scenarios.

Cost, Time, and Location:

The total combined course fee is $300, not including ammunition or lodging (See ‘Lodging’ above).  $300 is to paid to the ‘Shaw Shooting School’ OR the ‘Forward Movement Training Center’.

Cancellation Policy:
Greater than 30 days = full refund
Less than 30 days   = 50% refund
Less than 7 days   = no refund

The $300 tuition fee is required in order to secure a spot in this class.  We will refund the full amount if cancelled 30 days before the start of the class. If cancelling within 8 and 29 days before the start of the class, we will refund 50% of your tuition fees. If cancelling within seven
days of the start of the class, you will not receive a refund and will forfeit 100% of your tuition fees. FMT and Shaw Shooting Management reserve the right to evaluate each situation and can allow for an Account Credit for future training depending on the circumstances.  Mail a check, cash, or money order deposit to Shaw Shooting at 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID 83332.  Shaw Shooting can also receive a payment over the phone (208-481-0085) via credit card. 

The live fire portion will start on Sept 17th at the Shaw Shooting Pro Shop at 9:00am, will end at 4:00pm, and there will be a 1 hour lunch break around 12:00pm-1:00pm.  Please bring your own lunch or you can go into Hagerman. 

The address to the Pro Shop is 834 East 2700 South, Hagerman, ID 83332. (See ‘Ranges’ above)

***Please contact Forward Movement Training Center at: (208) 888-4855 or go to their website for information on their tactics portion of the course.  (***

What to Bring to Shaw Shooting:

Shaw Shooting will require each student to bring a pistol with at least 2 magazines, magazine pouches, holster, belt, ear protection, and eye protection.

Students need to bring a minimum of 400-600 rounds.

We have a pro-shop at the Shaw Shooting range if equipment and ammunition is needed.  Additionally, if you forget or are unable to acquire some of the required equipment, such as holsters, magazine pouches, etc., we can rent equipment out for $10.00.  Firearm rentals are $25.00.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email admin at